Siemens Mobility launches new cloud-based open-data management platform


Siemens Mobility is launching Siwave Data Hub – a new platform that will help transportation agencies to manage access to their data via open APIs, as well as access analytics and notifications that can help support the data sharing environment.

Siwave Data Hub is the newest offering in its recently launched Siwave family of traffic technology products. Built on a modern and scalable microservices architecture powered by the latest cloud computing technologies, supporting multiple types of interfaces and data.

Its unique scalable format starts with a strong basic services infrastructure, capable of ingesting and serving large amounts of data at high velocity, and its horizontal integration capabilities support easy extensibility and scaling, with security in mind.

Transportation agencies will now be able to determine who has access to their data via open APIs. Data types that can be analyzed include Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM or SPM), traffic controller configuration data, Connected Vehicles, V2X, incident and safety, events, weather and other types of data sources thanks to its extensible cloud-based architecture.

“The Siwave Data Hub allows cities to manage what data to be shared, and with whom, securely,” explains Laryssa Parker, head of Siemens Mobility ITS Digital Lab Americas. “It can be used by the city or by authorized partners for research, development, troubleshooting, analysis, performance metrics and new use cases to solve practical transportation problem.”

Introduced late last year, Siemens Mobility’s Siwave family of products aims to better meet the future needs for data-drive services.  Launching with Siwave Insights, its signal performance measures (SPM) product,  Siwave Data Hub provides a modern foundation that makes data integration more accessible, and ultimately supports the diverse ownership of services that is resulting as each transportation agency struggles to find the right melding of services and capabilities in this rapidly changing marketplace.


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