Star Systems International Limited

Star Systems International Limited
Unit 7B, 8/F Vanta Industrial Centre,
21-33 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung,
Hong Kong

STAR Systems International Limited is a market leader providing Smart City Solutions consisting of transponders, readers and professional consulting services for Automatic Vehicle Identification. STAR Systems leverages its technical experience, expertise, training and support to ensure our customer’s success. “Your Success Is Our Vision”.

STAR Systems focuses on providing best-in-class technologies for Smart City Initiatives such as; Electronic Tolling (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Fleet Management, Commercial, Parking and Secure Access Control applications. Our mission is to provide our customers with a great system experience with reliable, integrated solutions which are key elements in any modern Smart City initiative.

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Solutions

STAR Systems has vast experience in designing, developing and deploying Electronic Toll Collection Systems utilizing passive radio frequency technology. STAR offers world-class products and services for various types of ETC systems including; stop-and-go, lane based free flow and open road free flow tolling. Our Professional Consulting Services can cover all areas from the front end / Lane Design & Logic, Lane Tuning & Mapping, Performance Analysis, and Transaction Framing and Correlation with Back-end transaction processing.

Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)

STAR has designed products from the ground-up to work in Electronic Vehicle Registration applications from Special, High-Security Transponders to the latest in Integrated Readers and Antennas while adding the Performance and Security to give governments the ability to address Electronic Vehicle application with high performance and high security.  STAR’s “3rd License Plate” products use the highest level of data and physical security available today in passive transponders.

Parking and Access Solutions (PACS)

STAR Systems offers the latest in leading-edge products and systems for parking and access control applications. Integrated Readers, Handheld Terminals, Embedded Software Systems and a wide variety of tags comprises a full featured set of tools for PACS applications.

Star Systems has readers that are suitable for indoor, outdoor and multi-lane parking access control applications. For indoor, one reader with multiple ports that can be used to cover both entrance and exit lanes. In outdoor environment, we have weatherproof (IP68 certified) readers that can work under harsh environments.

For RFID transponders, STAR manufactures a wide range of selections including; Windshield Decals, Headlamp Tags, License Plate Tags, Credit Card Tags, Removeable and Multi-Mode Tags.

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