Norbit ASA

Norbit ASA
Stiklestadveien 1
7041 Trondheim
+47 73 98 25 50

NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to carefully selected niches. The business is organised in three business segments: The Oceans segment delivers tailored technology and solutions to the global maritime markets. The Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) segment offers tailored connectivity solutions based on short-range communication technology to traffic systems and truck applications. The Product Innovation & Realization (PIR) segment offers R&D services and contract manufacturing to key customers.

NORBIT is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, with manufacturing facilities in Selbu and Røros, Norway and 12 offices and subsidiaries around the world.

The Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) segment offers tailored connectivity solutions based on dedicated short range communication (DSRC) technology to intelligent traffic systems and truck applications. ITS has a leading position as an independent supplier for dedicated solutions to industrial blue-chip customers within both automotive and satellite-based tolling.

NORBIT offers connectivity devices for satellite-based truck tolling, i.e. tailored DSRC integrated with GPS and GSM antennas, and DSRC based connectivity devices for smart tachographs.

NORBIT has supplied DSRC products based on the CEN (European Committe for Standardization) standard to professional customers for over 10 years. The range of products covers all relevant uses of CEN DSRC, both in the vehicle, at the roadside and at service desks.

NORBIT ITS provides a comprehensive range of CEN DSRC products for both roadside and in-vehicle use. Through extensive knowledge of all aspects of DSRC technology and its use, NORBIT ITS has created a range of products suitable for all CEN DSRC applications.

The OBUs and DSRC Modules employ state-of-the-art ASIC technology for compact size, long lifetime and a high degree of flexibility. OBUs and DSRC Modules are compliant with all relevant standards, and can contain a large number of DSRC application elements. OBUs can be equipped with customer specific labeling.

RSUs use the NORBIT ITS signature helix antenna, ensuring a well-defined communication zone. The RSUs support multi-lane free flow tolling, single-lane tolling and parking/access use. All RSU products employ advanced signal processing and built-in DSRC protocol handling, allowing easy and flexible integration for a multitude of purposes.