SMATS Traffic Solutions Inc.

SMATS Traffic Solutions Inc.
7 Bayview Station Rd, Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada, K1Y 2C5
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SMATS Traffic Solutions is pioneering the use of traffic data and software algorithms to create smart traffic analytics. SMATS’ suite of products includes roadside sensors and a web application generating travel time, origin-destination data, and traffic alerts for real-time management of traffic. Our integrated analytics and sensory solution have allowed our clients to monitor the state of their traffic better and make informed decisions on more efficient use of their infrastructure capacity.

Sensors and Crowdsourced Traffic Data

SMATS hardware sensors are advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanners with the leading detection rate in the market. These sensors can be permanently installed along the roads (TrafficXHubTM) or inside traffic cabinets (TrafficXHub™ Cabinet) to detect MAC addresses (unique identifications) of smart devices in vehicles. We also offer a portable sensor (TrafficBoxTM) designed for traffic study projects and can be easily moved from project to project.

In addition to sensors’ data, We can capture traffic data from 3rd-party crowdsourced data platforms such as HERE map as an alternative data source.

Traffic Data Analytics Software (iNodeTM)

The captured raw data by the sensors or crowdsourced providers are sent to the SMATS iNodeTM analytics platform in real-time where advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms are applied to provide accurate traffic data. Road segment’s travel time and speed can be viewed in real-time and be analyzed to see the historical trends. The Traffic alerts can also be generated if a specific condition is met or the traffic pattern is different from the historical data. iNodeTM gives Traffic Operations Engineers a better visibility to their traffic status such that they can make data-driven decisions to reduce congestion within the existing infrastructure.

iNodeTM Traffic Data Analytics has addressed the following use cases to date:

  • Work zone management
  • Port traffic management
  • Lane re-allocation projects
  • Traffic signal timing projects
  • On-street parking projects
  • Special events traffic management
  • Detour routes traffic monitoring
  • Evaluation of other traffic operations concerns

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