Jenoptik gets UK Home Office Type Approval for new red-light enforcement system


Automated enforcement specialist Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK has received UK Home Office Type Approval for a new red-lght enforcement system which uses a stand-alone camera to spot violations at signal-controlled junctions.

Unlike other devices on the market, the Vector SR Red Light operates in a ‘non-invasive’ way, removing the need for loops or strips in the junction’s road surface. The camera monitors the signal heads meaning there is no need to physically connect the traffic lights with the enforcement system. This is the only solution of this type to have gained approval and works equally well with all signal head types; whether they utilize traditional incandescent or modern LED bulbs.

Jenoptik is known for its average speed enforcement systems which calculate speeds based on the time taken to travel between fixed points on a road, as well as the recently approved Vector SR Spot Speed device. The newly-approved Red Light device uses the same Vector2 ANPR camera platform and Jenoptik’s own 3D tracking radar. Both items are light weight and can be mounted on a passively-safe pole or existing street furniture, and because they work independently of the signals and road surface, are simple to install and cost-effective to maintain.

The system can operate alongside Jenoptik’s patented Vector IR Infra-Red illumination module, which means images can be captured on a fully dark road without any distracting flashes or dazzling pools of light.

“This is the product our customers have been waiting for – a modern, digital and non-invasive Red Light enforcement system,” says Geoff Collins, Jenoptik’s deputy managing director. “We can now offer fair and accurate Red Light, Spot Speed and Average Speed solutions using a common core of known, reliable components, providing responsible drivers a safer journey.

“Supported by Infra-Red illumination, lightweight enough to mount on a passively safe pole or existing street furniture and with no need for in-road sensors or signal head connections, Vector SR represents a step forward in Red Light enforcement technology.”

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