Wejo’s live CV data to support TrafficCast’s mobility information services


Wejo, a UK technology company that is developing global mobility services through connected vehicle (CV) data, has announced that it will be providing its real-time data to TrafficCast, one of the USA’s leading providers of travel time forecasts and traffic information.

TrafficCast will receive real-time, anonymized traffic flow updates from the seven million vehicles on Wejo’s platform, including traffic speeds. The partners say this is a major breakthrough in live data sourcing from the road network, and represents significant opportunities and benefits for businesses, mobile app users, commuters, media, advertisers, engineering companies and government Departments of Transportation (DOTs). The live Wejo data will further improve the quality and accuracy of TrafficCast services, enabling:

  • Advanced commuter information;
  • Precise arrival time predictions;
  • Enhanced alternative route suggestions;
  • Detailed traffic information;
  • Reduced congestion and carbon footprints;
  • Improved traffic forecasting for mass movement events, from sporting events to emergency evacuations.

With Gartner predicting that the CV market will rise to 250 million connected cars by 2020, the data they generate is expected to change the way people and society interact with vehicles. This new connectivity enhances vehicle safety and improves the driving and ownership experience; it facilitates the development of new products and services, such as real-time parking availability and accurate local fuel price comparisons, and it will ultimately help support autonomous vehicles. Wejo and TrafficCast are hoping that their new partnership will illustrate the near-term value and long-range potential of this rich source of travel data.

TrafficCast produces traffic intelligence and analytic services, including travel time forecasting, real-time road speed monitoring and traffic impacts of incidents and roadworks. Its technology, applications and content inform navigation and driver information services in the interactive, mobile, enterprise and public sector markets. The company’s products include the Dynaflow software platform that delivers real-time road speed profiles and traffic incidents to mobile devices and navigation systems, and the TrafficCarma mobile app that helps visualize traffic information along with a variety of other mobility services.

The latest vehicles are fitted with hundreds of sensors, each telling the story of the vehicle’s current state and how it is used. Wejo curates, transforms and normalizes this data to support its partners, which now includes TrafficCast. Since its founding in 2014, Wejo has been developing its ADEPT cloud-based CV data exchange platform that allows the sharing and access to information from over 7 million vehicles, with over 78 billion miles of data curated.

“This partnership is further testament to the value our partners see in receiving real-time connected car data,” commented Richard Barlow, founder and CEO of Wejo. “Our value-added insights will enhance and improve TrafficCast’s product offerings and ultimately contribute to reduced congestion on America’s roads, shortened journey times, and provide car owners with a materially better driving experience.”

Al McGowan, CEO of TrafficCast, added, “We are happy to announce our partnership with Wejo, and welcome the addition of their unique content to our industry-leading traffic information ecosystem. Wejo’s data exchange platform is a critical next step in the evolution of the connected vehicle, and our clients and end users will benefit from the insights their data provides.”

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