Web-based lane closure and work zone management system debuted


Norwegian tolling and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) supplier Q-Free has unveiled LaneAware, a first-of-its-kind web-based application to coordinate and automate work zone activities and lane closures to minimize traffic congestion and reduce costs for commuters.

Designed to save time and money for transportation agencies and the communities they serve, Q-Free’s new stand-alone solution streamlines the lane management of work zones and recurring activities and large projects, reducing workload on agency staff and minimizing traffic disruptions for drivers. Developed particularly for the USA market, the new LaneAware cloud-based system dramatically reduces the workload for transportation management center (TMC) staff and construction coordinators by automating the lane closure approval process using user-defined business rules. Approved contractors may reserve specific lanes for closure within a certain time frame prior to the work, curbing last minute notifications and giving TMC staff advanced notice.

LaneAware also notifies the appropriate stakeholders if two contractors attempt to set up conflicting lane closures. Once the lane closure reservation is made, agency staff can program a response to inform travelers and help reduce accidents. In line with Q-Free’s commitment to open standards and interfaces, data from LaneAware can be easily integrated into 511 systems and other public-facing platforms using its flexible application programming interface (API). This said benefit provides the public, media, and transportation-focused businesses with the latest closure information, so drivers can plan their routes more efficiently. LaneAware will integrate easily with any advanced traffic management system (ATMS) on the market including Q-Free’s own OpenTMS platform.

“It’s a simple concept with profound logistical implications,” said Morten Andersson, senior vice president of Q-Free America. “Right now, most lane closures are manually managed via phone calls and Excel spreadsheets, limiting efficiency and creating a nightmare for transportation management operations centers and contractors performing work. LaneAware solves these issues and provides traffic managers with much greater situational awareness while reducing impacts on the interstate and associated arterials.”

Andersson said, “It’s a fantastic tool for managers who need to analyze congested regions or plan major projects. With the click of a button, managers can see everything that’s happening over time in a specific area. From mowing along the interstate to gantry work, it covers every type of pre-planned interstate work you can imagine. We’re excited to get this product into our customers’ hands because we know how much time and resources it’s going to save them. It’s also going to improve the quality of life for commuters by reducing congestion and cutting emissions, and at the end of the day, that’s why we keep innovating.”

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