VivaCity AI traffic sensors to be deployed in new London Borough 


Transport technology scaleup VivaCity has announced that it has partnered with  the London Borough of Bexley, to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow in the area. This is the 25th London Council that the company has partnered with.

VivaCity’s AI traffic sensors will replace Bexley’s existing traffic count monitoring equipment – induction loops – which currently only count without modal differentiation or the ability to measure speed. VivaCity’s AI sensors can differentiate between different modes of transport and, with 97% accuracy, report to the make-up of traffic on Bexley’s Roads.

Bexley Council is striving to maintain a highway network that satisfies the council’s transportation needs. Accurate collection and assessment of data are vital to ensure that this is delivered. In addition, the analysis of this data will help ensure the network supports future travel demands, as well as objectives set out in Bexley’s Local Implementation Plan and Greater London Authority’s Mayor’s Transport Strategy, although the sensors are not related to the Mayor’s proposals to extend the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, which the Council does not support.

“We’re proud to be partnering with the London Borough of Bexley to provide accurate data to help inform future decision making on local infrastructure,” says Mark Nicholson, CEO and co-founder at VivaCity. “Bexley is the 25th London Borough that VivaCity has partnered with, highlighting our commitment to making London’s roads smarter, safer and more sustainable.  We look forward to our continued partnership with Bexley and to see the impact that AI powered insights can have on the local area.”

Jane Richardson, Deputy Director Housing and Strategic Planning at Bexley commented : “As a Council, Bexley understand the importance of providing and maintaining a transport network that supports the current and future needs for local residents, business and visitors of the borough. Bexley Council are excited to be entering into a partnership with VivaCity, utilising new advanced sensor technology that will collect anonymised data to deepen the council’s understanding of how people move around the borough. The data collected from the sensors will help inform decisions that will reduce congestion, improve air quality and encourage more sustainable travel within The London Borough of Bexley.”

The news comes as VivaCity announces a recent award win at Connected Britain supporting the South London Partnership. The award recognised the joint working of the organisations, supporting five London councils, which covered a diverse range of traffic and transportation issues.


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