New traffic sensor launched that can detect bikes and e-scooters


Traffic Technology Ltd’s new Zelt Evo sensor provides improved detection and classification of bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMDs) such as e-scooters.

The technology is based on the induction loop technology developed by Eco-Counter over the last 20 years. Initially designed to count bicycles (excluding all other modes), the new Evo digital sensor allows for a more accurate detection of other users, including scooters associated with a specific signal.

The detection loops can be installed on dedicated or shared lanes and on any type of surface. The Zelt Evo sensor can be connected to the user’s traffic data management system, to provide direction recognition, multi-user classification and count timestamps.

“Providing an accurate means of monitoring electric scooters, which are overtaking electric cycles on our urban roads, is an important part of our product development with future upgrades to the Zelt Evo to include cargo bikes,” says Richard Toomey, managing director of Traffic Technology Ltd.

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