New electric skateboard from Evolve takes sustainable commuting to the next level


The creators of a new electric skateboard say that it blurs the line between skateboard and personal vehicle. Evolve Skateboards’ Hadean Series skateboard has four times more performance capabilities than its predecessor, the GTR series, which was launched in 2019. With 37% more battery capacity and a top speed of 50km/h, the Hadean Series is one of the most advanced electric skateboards ever produced.

The Hadean Carbon is the world’s first chassis style frame, a patent-pending design that enabled Evolve to increase performance without compromising on size and the sleek low profile look they are known for. To achieve the strength required in the deck frame construction they came up with another first for electric skateboarding – forged carbon fibre, which is usually found on high performance super cars. The deck also includes another first for the industry, air vents, which help to keep the internal electronics cool. With integrated lights that include features such as responsive brake lighting for improved safety, the Hadean Series represents a new era for advanced electric skateboards and encapsulates all that has been learnt, discovered, and imagined by the team that has been passionately designing electric skateboards since Evolve’s inception in 2008.

“Since the successful launch of our Carbon GTR series in 2019, we have looked to advance our product into a board that produces greater performance while maintaining the sleek, integrated electrical design the GTR is famous for,” says Jeff Anning, the founder of Evolve Skateboards. “Improved performance required increased size of the battery and motors and this innovation overcame a size constraint that could improve the users’ control and riding experience. Our challenge was to raise the level of innovation within our industry while advancing the design inspired by the sophisticated look and performance of super cars.”

The Hadean Series saw Evolve re-imagine every part of the board and the motor controller, as the heart of the board, was an incredibly important element. Evolve has teamed up with an Australian company that excells in motor controller design to create an entirely new proprietary motor controller for the brand, the E-FOC. With experience in military drones and other high-end products, the teams collaborated on everything from schematics to the highest quality bill of materials to ensure the E-FOC is the most advanced motor controller Evolve has ever created, revolutionizing how smoothly a rider can harness the intense power produced by the Hadean’s dual 3000w motors and 12S battery structure.

The Hadean Carbon is the world’s first chassis skateboard deck, composed of forged carbon fibre, a material found in aircrafts and race cars. The seamless integration of technology and ride performance is achieved through a forged carbon composite frame. The high fibre content and variation in strand orientation creates the strength needed to support a next-generation electric system without adding unnecessary bulk. With this board, the rider will experience better performance, including speed and range, without compromising the best riding feeling.

The Hadean Bamboo has all the performance features of the carbon version, the same dual 3000w motors and 12S battery structure, but with the flexibility of a bamboo deck for a different riding feeling. The Hadean Bamboo offers the latest in performance in the classic look of a bamboo longboard with advanced features such integrated lighting.

The Hadean Series uses 21700 lithium-Ion battery cells and 2 x 3000-watt electric motors to power itself. It produces zero carbon emissions and can travel up to 65 km on a single charge. Due to its portable nature, it is an ideal, environmentally friendly urban form of transportation.

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