Costa Rica’s Ruta 27 deploys AI data analytics platform for enhanced road traffic management


Spanish multinational transport infrastructure company, Globalvia, which operates Ruta 27 in Costa Rica, has announced the deployment of a new AI data analytics platform to monitor road traffic in real-time to help improve safety and reduce incident response times.

The platform, Lanternn by Valerann (LbV) – a provider of intelligent advanced traffic management systems – has been deployed on Ruta 27, a 76.8km-long motorway, which connects the capital of Costa Rica, San José, with Caldera, a major port in the Central Pacific Region.

Since it opened in 2010, traffic on the Ruta 27 motorway has quadrupled, now reaching 100,000 vehicles a day. Today, the road is one of the most important arteries in the country and is known as the “Green Route of Costa Rica,” according to Globalvia, as it is an exemplar of sustainability and innovation projects.

LbV is a data analytics platform, providing road traffic authorities with a comprehensive overview of real-time road traffic situations for efficient road traffic management. It ingests and processes, in real time, data from a range of unrelated sources including Waze, Google Maps, concessionaire units, cameras, vehicle GPS, etc.

The use of advanced analytics and AI results in accurate road incident detection and identification. In addition to timely incident alerts, having accurate real-time information allows the concessionaire to assign their resources more accurately and efficiently, thus improving road safety and reducing road incidence response times, Valerann noted.

The project included the deployment of LbV alongside Ruta 27 roadside infrastructure – 33 mobile and 22 fixed cameras, critical to road traffic management on one of the busiest motorways in the country. The integration enhances the concessionaire’s situational awareness and provides information on real-time road traffic situations for the areas outside the cameras’ vision coverage.

“Ruta 27 introduced smart transport systems to Costa Rica,” said Andrés Viveros, director of Ruta 27 operations. “We are the only route in the country to be monitored by a holistic system and now with the introduction of this new technology what we are looking to do is continue at the cutting edge of transport systems, allowing Ruta 27 to continue as a road of international standard.”

“We are delighted to announce the success of this project and to see Lanternn by Valerann deployed on Ruta 27 in Costa Rica,” added Ran Katzir, chief technology officer at Valerann. “This deployment is another step in our mission to improve road safety and operations performance all around the world.”

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