EXCLUSIVE: Technical tour of world’s most advanced CAV urban testbed announced for UK CAV Infrastructure Symposium


Delegates attending the UK CAV Infrastructure Symposium in October will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive demonstration event at Smart Mobility Laboratory London (SMLL), it has been announced.

The technical tour, which will take place along with an evening reception, on October 4, 2021, will give attendees unparalleled first-hand insight into the ground-breaking research taking place at the facility in the fields of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and urban mobility.

Owned by the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), SMLL is the most advanced urban testbed of its kind in the world. Based in the London Borough of Woolwich, the cutting-edge facility enables the development of innovative mobility solutions, with a focus on efficiency, accessibility, reliability and safety.

“The Smart Mobility Living Lab is TRL’s real-world test bed for future mobility systems,” explains Lucien Linders, general manager, SMLL. “We enable companies of all shapes and sizes to test and simulate their future solutions in a real-world environment, before a large deployment.”

In addition to the Woolwich workshop, SMLL also operates a real-world urban testbed is in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park in Stratford. Here, SMLL’s autonomous vehicles can interact with traffic and other road users. This complex, uncontrolled testing environment is designed to evaluate the use, performance, sustainability, safety and benefits of connected and automated mobility technology. Through this facility, SMLL can create and access comprehensive data for all kinds of CAVs, infrastructure, services and components.

Access to innovation

Participants at the October 4 event will experience a live static demonstration of SMLL’s autonomous vehicle (AV) systems in the Woolwich-based workshop. Experts will be on hand to explain how advanced and accurate data-driven insights are obtained from autonomous vehicles in the urban testbed setting.

“We are very happy to invite the CAV Infrastructure Symposium delegates to our brand-new facility and headquarters,” says Linders. “Visitors will be able to experience all the facilities we have, hands-on. They will be able to see our two R&D vehicles, which have self-driving capabilities and also act as data platforms. We will demonstrate how these vehicles work and how we use them in the trials we are doing.”

The key demonstration of the evening will be the control room, where live footage from 300 cameras on 24km of roads in the urban testbed is accumulated. “We will demonstrate how we can track and trace our vehicles driving in this monitored environment and we will also give details on some of the vehicle to infrastructure capabilities,” says Linders. “We will explain how we detect certain events and how we then process this information and send it out to vehicles within the required time.”

A coach to the Smart Mobility Living Lab will leave the CAV Infrastructure Symposium venue at 5.15pm on October 4, 2021. Drinks and canapés will be served on arrival at SMLL.

“It’s great to have people visiting us again after all these months of lockdown in the UK,” Linders adds. “We look forward to having the CAV Infrastructure Symposium delegates in our facility.”


Get involved

Isobel Pastor

The 2021 UK CAV Infrastructure Symposium is an unmissable event for anyone involved with – or interested in – CAV infrastructure, technology or services. Uniting local authorities, pilot-project operators, car manufacturers, research associations and universities, the symposium’s discussions and debates will address the most important topics and answer the most critical questions, as we continue to move towards a driverless future.

The CAV Infrastructure Symposium will host a range of high-profile expert speakers including Ryan Hood, chairman, ITS (UK) & TRL, Isobel Pastor, head of the UK government’s Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and Jonathan Harrod Booth, Director, Harrod Booth Consulting & Chair, BSI’s ITS Standards Committee. Topics will range from funding to legal implications, to modelling, to infrastructure, to safety, and will include a variety of case studies, Q&A sessions and expert panel discussions.

Click here to secure your place at the 2021 UK CAV Infrastructure Symposium. Your pass will also provide you with access to the co-located UK Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Symposium.

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