Acuity Brands partners with Dhyan Networks and Technologies


Central management system software and solutions provider Dhyan Networks and Technologies has announced that it has entered into a technology transition agreement with a subsidiary of lighting and building management solutions company Acuity Brands.

As part of the agreement, Dhyan, as a technology partner of Acuity, will integrate StreetMan, Dhyan’s streetlight management system, with ROAM outdoor lighting control hardware. ROAM Concierge users will have the option to migrate to StreetMan and continue to use ROAM lighting control hardware when the ROAM Concierge software service shuts down in January 2023.

“Dhyan is an expert in device monitoring and management, and we are pleased that Dhyan will be integrating their StreetMan management system with ROAM hardware,” says Sarah Golish, senior vice president, digital lighting networks, Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls. “When we decided to discontinue ROAM Concierge service, we wanted to ensure our customers were able to continue managing their outdoor lighting infrastructure. Dhyan’s integration of their advanced StreetMan service enables customers to continue benefitting from their investment in ROAM hardware while allowing them to enjoy the modern lighting management experience of StreetMan.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Acuity,” says Ram Kumar, CEO of Dhyan. “Acuity was a pioneer in smart streetlighting with their ROAM technology. StreetMan offers ROAM users an up-to-date management user interface, advanced control and reports, support for mobile phones and tablets, and the ability to manage other smart street assets such as cameras and EV chargers, providing a path for smart city initiatives. StreetMan is a technology-agnostic management system that is right for today and ready for tomorrow.”

The Dhyan family of central management software for the IoT market consists of StreetMan for managing smart streetlights, LightMan for managing smart area lights such as those deployed in campuses, parking lots, buildings, and warehouses, and CitiMan for managing smart city IoT assets.



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