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Autonomous expert opinion: Jennifer Dukarski

The Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation World Congress, taking place from October 23-24, 2017, the US city of Novi, Michigan, will be the focal point for experts to consider the challenges and implications to the creation of autonomous vehicle regulations. Jennifer Dukarski, shareholder at Butzel Long, will be speaking at the event and considers some of the implications around autonomous vehicle regulations.

How to enforce a Low Emission Zone

Trevor Ellis served as Enforcement Infrastructure Project Manager on the original London Low Emission Zone and recently chaired the ITS UK Enforcement Interest Group. He also runs his own UK-based ITS consultancy. Traffic Technology International caught up with Trevor to talk ALPR, LEZs, road-charging and much more…

Versatile enforcement for clean air zones

Traffic Technology Today editor Tom Stone caught up with Tim Daniels, director of Videalert, to talk about clean air zones, the benefits of Videalert’s multifunctional, fully hosted platform enforcement solutions – and an unfortunate incident on London’s Conduit Street…

POLL RESULTS: Autonomous vehicle uptake will happen gradually

The majority of transportation professionals believe that the uptake of autonomous vehicles will follow a path similar to other automotive technologies, such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, and happen gradually, over a number of decades, according to the results of the latest Traffic Technology Today poll.

The new speed and red-light enforcement project that’s saving lives in Turkey

What happens when speed and red-light enforcement cameras are first introduced? In most major cities in the developed world it is becoming difficult to remember a time before traffic enforcement cameras of some type. And in most locations such systems were installed in a piecemeal fashion, making it difficult to assess overall effectiveness. However, in many cities in Turkey, traffic enforcement cameras are new, which gives authorities a unique opportunity to assess their overall effectiveness, as ‘before’ and ‘after’ data can be generated around large-scale deployments, as is revealed in this case study of an installation by Poltes Robot, partnering with Jenoptik.

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