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Electric dreams of an autonomous future

Two massive, and yet so far mostly separate, areas of innovation in transportation are autonomous and electric vehicles. Nevertheless, when AVs finally become an everyday reality it is almost impossible to imagine them as anything but EVs. Energy storage and EV expert Guy Cressingham investigates how these two research roads are now converging on the same destination – and what challenges will have to be overcome before we get there.

Autonomous vehicles will force authorities to reassess yellow-light formulas

Academics Brian Ceccarelli and Joseph Shovlin of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, have conducted extensive studies into yellow change interval formulas. Here, in an update to their 2013 Traffic Technology International feature on the subject, they join forces with personal injury lawyer D Hardison Wood to look at how autonomous vehicles will affect traffic signal timings… and how they could finally force authorities to curb unfair practices.

The Road To 2034

In an exclusive preview of our 20th Anniversary special we’re proud to present our full conversation with Queensland University’s professor of transport Phil Charles, looking ahead to the path for ITS over the next 20 years.

Enforcement – the next stage

Arno Klamminger, vice president and Wolfgang Fleischer, responsible for portfolio management and international coordination in Kapsch’s ETC Business Unit, looks at how technological and legislative convergence could result in more holistic enforcement strategies with some surprising new partners

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