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In the forthcoming 2018 edition of Tolltrans former UK transport minister, Steven Norris, and Bern Grush, founder of transportation consultants Grush Niles give their differing opinions on the prospects for per-per-mile road user charging, and public acceptance of its theories. Here we summarise their outlooks and open up the floor to you for your votes…

In the first of a new series, we provide additional insight into some of the projects, programs and stories that have appeared on the Traffic Technology Today news site in recent months.

To kick things off we get the inside story on traffic modeling for low emission zones (a hot topic in Europe right now) with exclusive interviews with the experts at EarthSense Systems.

Thomas P. Branigan, managing partner at Bowman and Brooke is adamant that federal regulations for autonomous vehicles are required immediately. The Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation World Congress, taking place from October 23-24, 2017, the US city of Novi, Michigan, will include a session led by him and he shares his thoughts on the laws concerning the evolving technology.