VIDEO: Traffic Technology International launches new digital magazine platform


As Traffic Technology International approaches its 26th anniversary it is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new digital magazine platform, featuring enhanced functionality both on mobile device and desktop views (find out more about its features in the video posted above).

The new platform, which launches hosting the July 2020 edition of the magazine, comes as part of the brand’s increasing digital presence, with a new podcast series creating a stir in the industry over the past few weeks, and further new digital platforms promised later in the year (watch this space).

“I’m really excited about the new digital magazine,” says Traffic Technology International editor Tom Stone. “It contains the same content as the print publication, but makes it so much easier to access when you are reading on a screen, whether that’s on a mobile device or on your desktop computer.

“Plus, there are some pretty smart enhancements, such as the option to have any article read aloud by an AI assistant. I don’t think you can ever beat the look and feel of a print publication, but if you’re reading on a screen, this platform is undoubtedly the industry leader.”

Find out more about what’s in the new digital edition and some of its features in the video posted above that Tom Stone made with TTI’s podcast presenter and producer Saul Wordsworth.

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