Navjoy provides simultaneous WZDx and CIFS feeds for Pennsylvania work zones


Navjoy has announced it is providing a WZDx Feed for Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) in Pennsylvania, via its NueGOV platform – a WZDx v4.1 compliant module that focuses on enabling agencies to generate a WZDx and CIFS compliant feed.

NueGOV Work Zone uses an intuitive and unified interface offering all the functions of asset management to make work zone data auditable.  Additionally, agencies can digitize their work zone speed reduction approval process to add another layer of WZDx feed automation.

“There is an incredible amount of potential to use real-time data like this to inform drivers throughout our region and help keep public works and construction staff safe,” says TCRPC executive director Steve Deck said. “It opens up a lot of possibilities for managing traffic throughout our region.”

Navjoy has been an active member of the WZDx Working Group at FHWA for the past three years and serves as subject matter experts both on prior WZDx development and the leading edge of changes to the specification. Navjoy has used this expertise to develop NueGOV Work Zone with an eye toward making WZDx accessible and easy to implement.

Somme distinguishing features of the NueGOV Work Zone module include:

  • Supports WZDx and Waze (CIFS) feed simultaneously – Today, Waze is only using the CIFS feed but not WZDx. NueGOV can generate a WZDx feed and a CIFS feed for the same construction event simultaneously without any human intervention.  
  • Unique licensing and pricing model – Because of the way NueGOV was developed, Navjoy can offer scalable individual entity licensing and pricing as well as regional and statewide licensing and pricing.  This means cities and counties within the region and state would be able to use the platform at no additional cost.
  • Built on Google Maps – The NueGOV platform is a cloud-based SaaS platform built on Google Maps with a custom configurable suite of modules that serve the interests and needs of our local, regional, statewide, and federal clients.
  • Official Waze partner – NueGOV can send work zone information to WAZE out of the box as an option for agencies unwilling or unable to sign up for the Waze for Cities NueGOV is also able to ingest WAZE crowdsource data and create custom dashboards and reports.
  • Google development Partner – Navjoy also partners with Google to test and integrate the latest functionality and make it available across the platform.
  • Amazon Web Services Partner – Navjoy hosts its NueGOV software on AWS and works with the technology company to deliver the highest level of security to its clients.

The NueGOV platform is capable of API single or bidirectional integration with roadside Internet of Things (IOT) devices such as ICONE, Automated Vehicle Location systems (AVL), traffic incident data, server stacks, CCTV feeds, smart camera alarms, Traveler Information Systems (TIS), and Advanced Traffic Management Systems, to empower agencies with an automated, comprehensive view of work zones.

“Real-time work zone data such as location, direction, lane and speed changes, status and worker presence are often under reported.  This is mostly due to data silos and not having a simple and easy way to report the data.  Commuters want to get from Point A to B, usually in the quickest way possible, while also having access to latest construction or incident information. They really don’t care if their commute is on a route governed by five different agencies,” says Navin Nageli, CEO of Navjoy. “Early adopters like Tri-County Regional Planning Commission in Pennsylvania are changing the game by focusing on a regional approach.”

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