Quintuplet of DOTs extend their 511 traveler information system programs


Supplier of applied informatics systems for the transportation industry, Iteris has announced five Departments of Transportation (DOTs) across the US have extended their contracts for their 511 traveler information systems.

Georgia DOT, Montana DOT, Kansas DOT, West Virginia DOT and the Riverside County Transportation Commission in southern California’s Inland Empire, have all renewed their 511 services contracts with Iteris, totaling more than US$1.5m in orders. The extended programs will help the agencies reduce congestion and improve efficiency by providing the traveling public with real-time traffic, parking, and transit information, including incidents, construction works, events, as well as road and weather conditions.

Under the terms of the agreements, Iteris will upgrade, operate and maintain all five systems, which provide traffic, road and weather conditions, as well as upgrade Georgia DOT and Montana DOT’s enhanced, state-of-the-art suite of mobile apps. A partial listing of new features and enhancements to the Georgia DOT and Montana DOT systems will include: situational events, whereby a snapshot from a nearby camera is now included to provide users with a complete view; as well as weather integration, favorites and best available route support features. Georgia DOT’s mobile apps will also feature Waze crowdsourcing, whereby users will be able to view Waze events and switch seamlessly between the Waze and 511 apps. While the Montana DOT’s new mobile apps will support a look-ahead feature that notifies users of upcoming incidents or construction along their route. Additionally, Iteris’ roadway management system will allow Montana DOT to manage and monitor traffic and route conditions, events, construction and assets from within their facilities and in the field.

The five 511 services are built on Iteris’ ATIS (Advanced Traveler Information Systems) platform, which provides customized, real-time, actionable information, that is delivered to transportation organizations and the traveling public. The ATIS platform is now integrated to disseminate Waze’s crowd-sourced real-time traffic information, and is capable of delivering multiple types of information, including: smartphone and tablet apps; websites; IVR systems; social media outlets; dashboards; weather services; video; Reverse 511 (Personalization / My511); welcome centers/kiosks; ICM and multimedia; IRIS Open Source ATMS Interface; cable TV; and an Operator Reporting Tool for mobile reporting.

“We are proud to have been the trusted provider of 11 traveler information systems nationwide, and we are excited to extend and expand that role with these five highly visible customer renewals,” said Moe Zarean, vice president and assistant general manager at Iteris. “We are committed to continuing to deliver the highest level of service to our state and county 511 systems and their citizens, while providing unparalleled solutions configured to each agency’s unique needs.”

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