New app warns UK drivers about upcoming accident blackspots


A new application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the road ahead in real-time and warn drivers of potential accident hotspots has been released in the UK.

Developed by Safescape Intelligent Systems and based on information provided by the police from 1.3 million incidents over the past 10 years, the new app knows the severity of every accident and its exact time and date. Using a powerful AI machine-learning algorithm, the Safescape app it will continuously analyze various factors in real-time and, combined with this data, calculate a risk score of the approaching location, warning drivers so that they are aware and prepared.

The Safescape user interface has been designed to be simple and convey crucial information quickly and without fuss. The app combines audible alerts and a visual indicator based on familiar colors to effectively reflect the severity of the approaching risks. Available for Apple and Android devices, the Safescape app only needs a GPS signal, with no internet connection required. The app uses a proprietary AI algorithm that was ‘trained’ using nine years of UK Department for Transport (DfT) STATS19 data consisting of over a million data points.

“There are around 3,500 ‘safety’ cameras on the roads today, but we know most of the 238,000 accidents occurring annually don’t even happen at these locations,” explained Stuart Petersen, Safescape’s VP of distribution and partnerships. “You only have to look at the meteoric rise in dashcams to realize people want to feel safe in their cars. Our app arms drivers with the best knowledge to adjust their speed accordingly, intensify their focus, and hopefully stay out of harm’s way.”

Alex Luketa, Safescape’s VP of engineering, added, “Our data API is also able to integrate with third party and OEM offerings like navigation, driver assist and telematics systems, and adds an excellent additional and critical layer of safety and ‘eyes’ for their customers. We believe in the benefits of this technology and feel sure it will contribute to making our roads safer throughout the UK and eventually the rest of the world. Safescape will be a critical and complimentary safety partner to new systems like ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Electronic Lane Keeping.”

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