Guernsey launches new Island Road Information System


The Traffic and Highway Services department on Guernsey in the Channel Islands has upgraded and updated its island-wide road works information service.

Guernsey’s new Island Road Information System (IRIS) website includes updated mapping software and base layer information. The new IRIS site also provides additional information on:

  • Affected bus routes;
  • The location of the works within the road;
  • An improved search and reporting functionality;
  • An automated list of all the current major road works via a new ‘Summary Traffic Report’ link.

The budget for the project, including contingency, was £103,000 (US$125,000), and although the upgrade is still ongoing, the Traffic and Highway Services department is confident it will be delivered within this figure.

In addition to the website, the back-office system is also being upgraded with improved functionality for all users of the system. The IRIS system has been used by the States (legislative assembly) and all utility companies to manage street-based activities since 2003. The new system expands on this and includes:

  • Improved coordination checks;
  • New processes for inspections;
  • Reinstatements and recording defects;
  • Improved reporting;
  • Simplified application processes.

IRIS is also fully web-based, meaning that the system can be updated more easily, allowing for roadworks information to be made available to the public and other key stakeholders much faster.

The new back office system is called ‘Trafficworx’ and was developed by local company Integrated Skills Limited (ISL), which also provided the IRIS system. Over recent years, ISL have been working with the Channel Island of Jersey to implement, develop and introduce the system. Most of the processes and requirements are common across both Guernsey and Jersey, and therefore, it was agreed that the Trafficworx system would be implemented locally along with some Guernsey specific elements and changes.

Situated off the coast of Normandy in northern France, Guernsey is a relatively small island, being around 9 miles (14.5km) in length and 3 miles (5km) wide. It is a self-governing British Crown dependency and has a resident population of around 63,000. Guernsey has an island-wide speed limit of 35mph (56km/h), dropping to 25mph (40km/h) in urban areas.

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