Colorado to deploy cloud-based ALPR system on E-470 toll road


Delaware-based developer of vehicle recognition systems, Rekor Systems Inc. has been selected to provide its cloud-based automatic license plate reading (ALPR) capabilities at tolling stations along the E-470 tolled highway in Colorado.

Owned and maintained by the E-470 Public Highway Authority, the E-470 is a 47 miles (75.6km) long controlled-access toll road that traverses the eastern portion of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area in Colorado. More than 75 million vehicles travel along the E-470 each year, resulting in more than US$173m in revenue for the local governments that form the Public Highway Authority. The agency has contracted Rekor to deploy its Numerous LPR vehicle recognition system to enable free-flow electronic tolling at stations along the E-470.

Numerus is an easy-to-implement cloud-based solution that costs less than 75 cents per thousand for greater than 5,000,000 transactions per month. Beyond reading a license plate with industry-leading accuracy, Numerous provides a unique two-part authentication process by instantly identifying the vehicle’s make, model, color and body type along with the license plate read. Numerous’ machine-learning enabled software recognizes license plates from all 50 USA states, in addition to plates from more than 70 countries around the globe. Powered by its innovative OpenALPR software, the Numerous system can dramatically reduce the cost of collecting tolls on major highways by using license plate reads from existing camera systems without the need to install expensive new infrastructure.

“We are proud to announce this contract so quickly after the launch of Numerous, as it shows the demand for highly accurate technology within the electronic tolling industry,” said Rekor’s president and CEO, Robert A Berman. “Numerous will be used to verify the accuracy of the current RFID-based system, and will also provide make, model and color of the vehicles using the toll road, which services a high volume of traffic in the western United States. We are pleased the E-470 Public Highway Authority selected our scalable cloud-based product that features industry leading accuracy and will easily integrate with their busy tolling system.”

Rekor has also announced that it has been selected by a Northern California law enforcement agency to deploy its Mobile LPR-2 vehicle recognition system. The vehicle-mounted two-camera LPR-2 system captures critical vehicle information such as license plate, color, make, model, and body type from a video stream at high speed rates, and at extreme angles of view with unmatched levels of accuracy. A wide-range field view enables high-speed, simultaneous recognition of multiple vehicles on roadways with up to five lanes of traffic or multi-row parking lots.

The company’s unique ‘vehicle-recognition-as-a-service’ model is available for US$299 per month over a 36-month contract, which differentiates it from competing systems by eliminating both significant upfront capital and future unplanned repair and maintenance expenses. Using the LPR-2 system, the un-named California law enforcement agency collected 8,900 license plate reads and received 11 accurate stolen vehicle alerts in its first week of operation. This represents a significant improvement over the legacy system, which was less accurate, and where false positives would force them to deploy resources on inaccurate information.

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