Bitsensing launches ITS radar with AI edge processing


South Korean imaging radar company Bitsensing has announced the launch of its 24GHz Traffic Insight Monitoring Sensor (TIMOS), powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform, with AI edge computing

The new single device solution is designed to enable the ultimate smart city environment by delivering accurate and reliable real-time detection of endless possibilities occurring on the road today including traffic statistics, incidents, violations, and ETA.

With carefully structured sensor fusion tracking, the system provides precise object classification without the use of any external systems keeping resources efficient and cost effective.

“This ground-breaking technology is directly combating traffic accidents and pedestrian deaths – both which have increased steadily over the last few years,” says Dr. Jae-Eun Lee, CEO of Bitsensing. “Our experienced team of talented engineers and innovators at Bitsensing created the powerful product TIMOS to continue to exceed the industry standard in radar solutions while paving the way for the safest and most advanced smart city infrastructure.”

TIMOS detects presence, the average speed of detection zone, queue length, and ETA. With the advanced detection information, TIMOS enables the tracking of events on the road, including speed violation, lane violation, wrong-way driving, queue length excess, unauthorized stop, lane change, and jaywalking. TIMOS was developed to provide accuracy, reliability, and convenience in traffic management.

TIMOS detects up to 256 vehicles running up to 320km/h, spanning eight lanes, optimized for a broad range of traffic environments and curved roads. Sixty-four customized zones can be set for eight different events to track multiple situations on complex roads and give real-time analysis. The high compatibility with the central system allows easy management and automated software updates, eliminating any need for manual adjustments on the device requiring resource and traffic blockage.

TIMOS is already being trialled in several cities in Korea including Wonju, Jeju-Do, Seongnam-si, Daegu, and global areas including Mcity, University of Michigan, and Italy.

The all-in-one solution brings new possibilities for monitoring the traffic infrastructure. Keeping resources efficient and cost effective, traffic supervisors can rest at ease knowing that the system will provide analysis of the road. This all-in-one solution creates an easier and advanced way of building policies along the roads, as well as utilizing the insight data to create smart traffic light management and real-time incident detection for the ultimate smart city.


The innovative architecture of sensor fusion technology through MIMO antenna operations, high-resolution video capability, and the NVIDIA Jetson platform for AI processing allows the detection of stopped vehicles for consistent and seamless data. TIMOS provides stable, accurate, and robust sensing performance adding intelligence into traffic systems.

Accelerating the end-to-end process of traffic management, the single device creates full autonomy in tracking information on the road, detecting incidents, and even for maintenance. After the initial installation, no additional manual actions or external resources are needed with the automated system updates and positioning features. TIMOS delivers the utmost convenience and intelligence for all road users.

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