Covid-19: Mytraffic launches free pandemic pedestrian-flow barometer for UK


Mytraffic has tracked post-lockdown traffic in over 900 commercial areas in the UK and launched a completely free barometer that analyses pedestrian flow dynamics, to support retailers and cities in monitoring the recovery or slow-down of pedestrian activity during this Covid time.

Through the statistical analysis of anonymous geolocation data, Mytraffic measures visitors’ traffic, being pedestrians or vehicles, in a district, a street or at the front of a commercial address, in order to ease & accelerate its customers’ strategic decisions.

The analysis carried out by Mytraffic’s interactive barometer highlights an overall national recovery trend in the UK over the past weeks. Compared to the early post-lockdown days, in which national pedestrian traffic had fallen to a low of -53% in May, August reached a peak of +16% on average passenger traffic in the UK.

Mytraffic’s interactive barometer also closely tracks traffic trends within the UK’s top commercial zones. For example, by analysing pedestrian traffic in the London Oxford Street area, one of the UK’s busiest shopping streets, we can see a recovery of 49% of its usual daily pedestrian traffic, from a low of -86% post-lockdown in May to -37% by the end of August. Predictably, in October we can see a slight decrease once again in comparison to September, owing to new lockdown restrictions in London.

Looking at Manchester Arndale, the centre of Manchester, we can see that pedestrian traffic reached a peak of -16% of its usual traffic flow by early September. In comparison to a low of -87% by the end of Manchester’s lockdown in May, this is a recovery growth of 71% in traffic flow for Manchester’s prime shopping area.

“We are delighted to now offer our technology to the UK retail, real estate players & cities, which is an important step for our international development. Our goal is to become the leading expert for traffic data in the UK within the next two years”, says Hakim Saadaoui, CEO of Mytraffic.

In this troubled time with consecutive recovery and slow-down phases, accurate measurement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic is of vital strategic importance for retailers, shopping centres, real estate professionals and cities. By providing them with objective data in real time, key business decisions can be made with greater insights, from opening a shop, negotiating rent or optimizing its retail network.

Thanks to the innovative Mytraffic Analytics SaaS, all players can have access to accurate data measurement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic in a shopping area, in a shopping centre or in front of a specific commercial address.

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