Traffic Technology Services expanding its V2I service in multiple states


Technology company and information service provider for connected vehicle applications Traffic Technology Services Inc. (TTS) has expanded its vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) service in multiple states, with Oregon becoming the first statewide system and Virginia having the largest deployment.  

Working with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), TTS has made its home state the first to activate a statewide V2I service. The Virginia DOT (VDOT) also supports the TTS service through its SmarterRoads portal and is the largest single data provider in North America, with the cloud-based platform including traffic volumes, speed limits, travel advisories, lane closures, crashes, truck restrictions, traffic sensors, incidents, sign messages and locations, paving schedules, short- and long-term weather events, and Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) datasets. Both systems were launched to TTS customers in December 2018 and immediately began providing information to V2I-equipped vehicles.

The TTS service Personal Signal Assistant uses traffic control data received, processed, predicted and provided to the driver through connected vehicle (CV) applications. The service operates at signalized intersections in North America and improves traffic flow by providing CV drivers real-time information to adjust speed for optimal travel time, safety, and fuel economy.

TTS pioneered the service in 2016 and, as Audi’s supplier, released it concurrently with the first V2I connected vehicle application available to consumers in the auto maker’s Traffic Light Information (TLI) package. Last week, Audi announced the release of another application, Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA), using the TTS connectivity service as part of their continued collaboration.

TTS now supports DOTs in six states, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Oregon and Virginia, plus the District of Columbia, as it responds to consumers’ escalating demands for V2I technology and agencies’ desire to improve traffic flow and safety.

VDOT recently expanded V2I services in its northern district where Audi and TTS have their own established presence. More than 1,450 signals are available, which will grow to potentially 3,000 signals across the state. TTS will continue helping VDOT expand V2I service throughout the state as more systems are added to the SmarterRoads portal.
“We are breaking barriers to expand our service across statewide systems,” said Thomas Bauer, TTS chief executive officer. “We are the first to bring vehicle-to-infrastructure services to consumers that support the new connected vehicle applications, such as Audi’s recently announced GLOSA application.”

Virginia’s Secretary of Transportation, Shannon Valentine, commented, “VDOT’s collaboration with Audi, TTS and other innovative companies leverages the Commonwealth’s data and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, preparing us for more connected and automated vehicles on our roadways. We are committed to improving safety, reducing congestion and exploring opportunities to partner with the private sector.”

ODOT’s systems operations and intelligence manager, Galen McGill, noted, “This innovative approach for sharing information from traffic signals to vehicles represents the future of transportation. Communication between road infrastructure and vehicles will contribute to improved safety and efficiency for the users of the transportation system.”

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