Author Mike Schagrin

ITS (UK) responds to government report

ITS United Kingdom says that it welcomes the House of Commons Transport Committee’s report on Strategic River Crossings, which was published on March 17

Can pothole scanners improve road safety?

Clearview Traffic’s Wayne Stant responds to news that a UK-based research team is developing ‘smart scanning’ technology to detect the early signs of potholes – and provides some food for thought about their feasibility

The growing relevance of tolling

Five years ago, most politicians didn’t care about tolling or interoperability. Now, we have federal mandates and premature announcements that have pressured agencies into short-sighted agreements. Will we achieve national interoperability? And by what means?

The public/private technology gap

Twenty-five years ago public agencies and private companies had access to the same technology. Today the public sector stuggles to keep up. Transportation consultant Larry Yermack suggests some solutions

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