Author JJ Eden

The growing relevance of tolling

Five years ago, most politicians didn’t care about tolling or interoperability. Now, we have federal mandates and premature announcements that have pressured agencies into short-sighted agreements. Will we achieve national interoperability? And by what means?

The public/private technology gap

Twenty-five years ago public agencies and private companies had access to the same technology. Today the public sector stuggles to keep up. Transportation consultant Larry Yermack suggests some solutions

Larry Yermack on the multi-modal future

We are moving toward an increasingly urban and multimodal world and the in-vehicle devices, like the infotainment system, can begin to support it

Are we ready to leap the hurdles of taxi regulation?

“While technological innovation is enabling the traveling public to make faster, more dynamic choices, the rules regulating our transportation system haven’t changed much in over a century”

No idle matter

It’s bad enough that we burn a quarter of our fuel and emit a quarter…

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