FLIR unveils new intelligent bi-functional thermal traffic sensor system


Sensor systems and thermal imaging equipment manufacturer, FLIR Systems Inc., has launched an intelligent thermal traffic sensor system at the ITS America Annual Meeting this week.

FLIR has unveiled its new TrafiData intelligent thermal traffic sensor system that can provide Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and city planners with improved data collection capabilities to offer mobility management with key insights for smarter, safer cities.

TrafiData is a unique offering in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) market with the ability to perform as both a data collection device and classification unit with the advantage of thermal and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in a single, unified platform. The sensor combines thermal imaging with onboard AI to detect, track, and classify, road traffic data then communicate that information over wifi.

The sensor differentiates and counts vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, measures real-time travel, and also provides origin and destination insights. Integrated wifi technology allows simultaneous thermal-based data collection, while calculating travel-times and origin-destination by securely, and anonymously, tracking MAC addresses as people move throughout the traffic network. Since the TrafiData relies on thermal energy, rather than light, it offers 24/7 traffic monitoring and can detect road users at night, through glare, and in harsh weather conditions.

Last September, FLIR acquired Acyclica Inc., a leading developer of software for roadway and intersection data generation and analysis. The massive data set gathered by TrafiData sensors is collected over Acyclica’s smart city data management platform, which is seamlessly accessed through FLIR’s Cameleon ITS advanced transportation management software, or other compatible management software. The ability to capture this high-resolution, real-time data enables city planners and transportation managers to manage emerging traffic conditions, reducing congestion and enhancing road safety. TrafiData will be available through authorized FLIR distributors in Q3 2019.

Jim Cannon, president and CEO of FLIR Systems, said, “By combining a thermal camera with Acyclica’s real-time analytics into a single device, TrafiData helps transportation and city planners gain access to groundbreaking data collection capabilities for smarter, safer cities.”

At ITS America, FLIR has also conducted a never-before-seen demonstration using its Thermal-Enhanced Autonomous and Connected Test Vehicle to show safer roads and the future of smart cities. The ADAS and connected vehicle demo used connected vehicle technology between the vehicle, infrastructure, and cloud. The FLIR TrafiSense2 V2X system, featuring a thermal imager and connected vehicle technology, will detect pedestrians, cyclists and cars while sending and receiving connected vehicle messages at the same time to enhance road safety.

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