SRL offers scalable traffic management software for mobile hire market


UK mobile ITS (intelligent transport system) equipment hire supplier SRL is providing local authorities with a scalable traffic management software platform through Swarco’s Sign Manager.

SRL is traffic technology specialist Swarco’s exclusive temporary and portable VMS (variable message sign) hire partner. Until now, SRL’s customers managed their VMS via Swarco’s Zephyr sign management software. SRL is now moving to Swarco’s newer Sign Manager solution, which enables urban traffic managers to integrate mobile signs within their permanent UTMC (urban traffic management and control) networks and so coordinate their entire fleet more efficiently.

Sign Manager is part of Swarco’s MyCity modular scalable urban mobility management software platform, which brings together a number of different traffic management solutions. SRL plans to expand its MyCity portfolio beyond Sign Manager, to include a broader range of mobile product categories in addition to VMS. This will allow customers to simultaneously address a wide range of traffic priorities such as congestion and air quality via the exchange of data between multiple ITS solutions.

With its adoption of MyCity, SRL can provide urban traffic managers with a scalable software platform that can be continually modified in response to demand and technological advances.

“The introduction of Sign Manager will immediately give SRL customers such as local authorities, the ability to manage their entire mobile and permanent VMS network with greater efficiency,” says Iain McDonald, SRL’s director of business development. “The adoption of MyCity is an important step for SRL as it works to help join the dots between temporary and permanent ITS technology, which is a corporate priority.”

John Pickworth, Swarco’s managing director, adds: “SRL’s adoption of MyCity offers exciting new opportunities to the local authority hire market, which will now be able to efficiently tackle rapidly evolving urban mobility challenges.”

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