All Traffic Solutions VMS and radar speed displays are now NTCIP compliant


One of the leaders in cloud-based traffic management systems and equipment, All Traffic Solutions (ATS), has announced that its extensive portfolio of variable message signs (VMS) and radar speed displays are now available with the option to communicate using the National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP).

The NTCIP is a protocol that allows traffic devices to communicate with each other to ensure device interoperability and interchangeability, with the goal of improving safety and mobility. ATS provides the connectivity and platform for both NTCIP and non-NTCIP-compliant devices to the TraffiCloud web-based remote management system, which is an open, flexible, scalable system accessible via a standard protocol. The ATS portfolio of web-enabled VMS includes: radar speed displays, wrong way warnings, conditional messaging, school zone safety, parking availability, virtual travel time, and time to destination systems.

With this expanded level of integration, All Traffic Solutions now provides customers with unprecedented flexibility to connect any ATS or non-ATS device to the TraffiCloud and transmit data and instructions between a wide variety of devices and platforms using the established NTCIP protocol. This enables agencies to connect their devices and data into an integrated, cohesive, highly efficient intelligent transportation system (ITS) that:

• Establishes a single secure cloud-based infrastructure for their ITS that is open, flexible and extensible;

• Uses existing multi-vendor investments to build a comprehensive ITS platform using both NTCIP and non-NTCIP compliant devices;

• Provides a unified user experience with a common interface, data structure and reporting capability;

• Allows agencies to future-proof themselves by providing an open, manufacturer-neutral ITS platform that is extensible to future device selection.

“The arrival of intelligent transportation system has created a pressing need for new standards and protocols that provide for interoperability, compatibility and interchangeability,” said Andy Souders, All Traffic Solutions CTO and vice president of engineering. “Departments of Transportation of all sizes are more cognizant than ever of building scalable intelligent transportation systems that adhere to current standards.

“By leveraging our web-enabled, NTCIP-compliant variable message signs and radar speed displays together with our TraffiCloud traffic management ecosystem, municipalities can build flexible transportation ecosystems that can scale and adapt to accommodate future standards, protocols and new technologies; so they can reduce the cost of deployment long term and achieve their smart cities vision.”

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