Yunex Traffic automates 54 tunnels in Belgium


Yunex Traffic has announced that it has been awarded a contract to automate 54 tunnels with a total length of more than 7,600m in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of southern Belgium. Using state-of-the-art technology, Yunex Traffic’s solution will increase traffic safety for drivers and facilitate traffic management for tunnel and highway operators.

The Société de Financement Complémentaire des Infrastructures (SOFICO) and the Service Public Wallonie (SPW) issued a public invitation to tender for a project in December 2021, with the aim of automating tunnel management and making traffic safer in and around the tunnels in Wallonia.

In the tender, which was decided 50% on technological merit, Yunex Traffic was awarded the project. It will be implemented in partnership with Spie Beligum and is expected to last 24 months.

“With automated workflows and active traffic management, the integrated traffic and plant management system will contribute to greater safety in tunnels in Wallonia – protecting people, structures and the environment,” says Ronny Govers, managing director, Yunex Traffic Belgium.

Yunex Traffic will replace all existing automation systems in the 54 tunnels in Wallonia with state-of-the-art management systems that reduce manual work and connect all of the tunnels.

In addition, a digital twin of the infrastructure enables simulations of any scenario in the real world. The digital twin can increase the efficiency in maintenance and engineering processes and perform actions that would not be possible in live operations like the simulation of a fire.

The automated processes and connection of tunnels through the new system from Yunex Traffic enable faster responses to unforeseen events such as congestion or accidents. This enables the transport companies to react more quickly and ensure safe travel through the 54 tunnels.

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