Local Radio Network to use Travel for Media real-time traffic information


The Local Radio Network (LRN), a new alliance of community and local commercial radio stations in the UK, has struck a deal with travel news provider Travel for Media (TfM) to supply its network with up-to-the-minute traffic information.

TfM is offering its dashboard of public and private road source data, as well as live public transport information and embedded tweets, to LRN’s expanding network of stations, currently numbering around 70. The service also includes a feed of data for websites, while traffic information app services are under development. The service is offered to radio stations for free in return for brand credits within bulletins. Stations do not need to be in RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Limited) to receive the service, and they do not need to hand over any valuable premium solus advertising spots beside reports. LRN provides a set of programming and revenue opportunities for stations outside the main groups, and welcomes applications from other stations interested in joining.

TfM specializes in collating, curating and disseminating traffic information, to ensure accurate, proactive and highly effective communication of travel content across a variety of traditional and new communications channels. The company aims to inform and influence pre-trip behavior and journey planning, as well as providing en route updates, and can also react to any expected delays that may affect travel times.

When disruption becomes unavoidable, those travelling are kept up to date with current and forecast congestion information. TfM already supplies traffic information to Radioplayer’s innovative in-car hybrid radio system. Stations outside the LRN network are also eligible to receive a TfM service and the company is expecting to announce further partnerships in the near future.

“We are all about providing great content opportunities to smaller stations,” explained LRN’s John Dash. “Working with TfM is a natural addition to the services that we offer, and helps locally-focused stations provide vital local information without having to hand over airtime or dig into their limited budgets.”

Paul Hutton, operations director of TfM, added, “We’re delighted to be partnering with the team at LRN. They have built up an impressive list of clients and it allows us to expand our client list quickly.”

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