Econolite introduces new modules for its Centracs traffic management platforms


One of the USA’s leading suppliers of all forms of ITS (intelligent transportation systems) equipment, Econolite, has launched two new traffic management software modules for its Centracs platform at the ITS America Annual Meeting in Washington DC.

Econolite has introduced its new Centracs Edaptive and Centracs Priority software systems that are designed to deliver new, unique opportunities to automate traffic optimization capabilities. Currently being showcased at ITSA in Washington from June 3-7, the Centracs Edaptive and Priority systems are now available as modules for the company’s industry-leading Centracs ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management Systems) and SPM (Signal Performance Measures) traffic management platforms.

Centracs Edaptive is a next-generation Adaptive Signal Control that enables cities and transportation agencies to maximize the performance of a signal control system. Edaptive accomplishes adaptive signal control via web-based deep analytical capabilities through the cloud-based Centracs SPM platform, allowing users to quickly and easily ensure maximum performance of their traffic signal control system. Edaptive balances sustainability and reliability with the latest in adaptive algorithms, optimizing cycle, offset, and splits by using high-fidelity 1/10th-second resolution data. The software provides signal timings for real-time traffic conditions, and adapts to changes in flow as they happen, with its deep analytical capabilities taking into account corridors with highly variable traffic patterns, changing weather conditions, construction activity, special events, and high-priority corridors requiring maximum performance. The use of advanced algorithms, coupled with optimized traffic signal timing, offers road users more green lights, enhanced safety, and shorter commutes.

Centracs Priority is designed to significantly reduce emergency vehicle response times as well as increase on-time performance of transit vehicles by providing dynamic signal priority to selected vehicles. The Priority software optimizes the movement of priority vehicles, including transit, fire, police, snow plows, freight vehicles, and others. This lessens or often eliminates, the negative effects of traditional traffic signal preemption (TSP) services. It also increases safety and efficiency through Econolite’s ‘queue flush’ feature that discharges standing queues in advance of arriving emergency or prioritized vehicles. The Priority module uses GPS and existing CAD (Computer-aided Dispatch) AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) systems to successfully calculate estimated arrivals at signalized intersections. This in turn enables Econolite’s smart traffic controllers to render tailored priority to those vehicles much more efficiently than legacy preemption or transit priority systems.

“Centracs Edaptive and Priority represent an ideal blending of customer input, leading-edge cloud-based software technologies, and big data analytics,” said Kirk Steudle, Econolite’s senior vice president of systems. “The promise that Smart Cities and connected and automated vehicles will improve quality of life depends on new intelligent software solutions that provide not just automation, but real-time optimization of traffic operations. Centracs Edaptive and Priority are designed to provide transportation agencies with groundbreaking levels of traffic control and enhanced safety that will be a huge leap forward in mobility and a more sustainable future.”

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