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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and computer vision developer Currux Vision Corp has formed a partnership with camera and surveillance system manufacturer Costar Technologies Inc. to provide a fully integrated AI traffic video analytics and monitoring solution for smart cities and DOTs.

Corrux and Costar are creating a new AI-based system that they hope will take traffic analytics and management to the next level by enabling cities, governments and Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to autonomously monitor traffic cameras. The partners’ AI Traffic Video Analytics platform will allow faster response to accidents, improve transportation infrastructure, and reduce congestion and pollution. The two Texas-based companies expect the partnership to make full use of their respective areas of expertise in the rapidly expanding smart city marketplace.

Costar Technologies develops, designs, manufactures and distributes a range of security, traffic and infrastructure monitoring products including surveillance cameras, lenses and digital video recorders. Costar Technologies’ portfolio consists of three companies with their own ranges of camera and video products: CohuHD Costar, Costar Video Systems, and IVS Imaging.

Currux Vision delivers accurate, real-time AI video analytics and alerts by autonomously monitoring existing traffic cameras and systems. The company offers some of the most advanced, reliable, and cost-effective AI traffic monitoring and control center capabilities, both in the control room environment and at the edge.

The partners note that Costar’s high resolution, imaging cameras and systems are an ideal platform for deploying Currux’s AI and computer vision capabilities in transportation, as well as security, military, enterprise, and industrial sectors. The partners expect that the combination of Costar’s camera systems with Currux’s AI software will help customers save money, use real-time information and alerts to make roads safer, reduce congestion, and improve overall efficiency and performance of infrastructure.

“We are delighted to partner with Costar. Their excellent technology, reputation and dominant market share combined with our innovative and powerful AI monitoring and analytics systems will deliver one of the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective autonomous traffic monitoring and analytics systems in the market,” said Alex Colosivschi, CEO of Currux Vision. “Our Smart City AI traffic technology will enable cities and governments to respond to accidents much faster, improve transportation infrastructure and reduce congestion and pollution.”

Costar’s CTO, Mathiew Bais, added, “This is an enormous opportunity for our customers to become more efficient and responsive. Our partnership with Currux Vision combines our expertise in the video surveillance market with a powerful AI analytics capability so that customers can accelerate their digital transformation, while meeting their security and compliance needs.”

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