Yunex Traffic launches multi-lane radar detection solution for signal control


Yunex Traffic has added the smartmicro MLR multi-lane radar solution to its advanced traffic detection and management portfolio.

The smartmicro MLR multi-lane radar solution is an alternative to traditional induction loops, offering high levels of accuracy without the need for extensive ducting or disruptive and costly maintenance.

Requiring no slot cutting or disruptive civils works to install, the smartmicro MLR can be deployed with the minimum of environmental impact and inconvenience to travellers and those living and working in towns and cities.

The system supports multiple detection zones (or virtual loops) and a range of intersection layouts. The non-intrusive units are particularly suitable for MOVA and VA signal control across multiple lanes. The system operates on a high frequency waveband and uses advanced algorithms to support both VA and MOVA applications where the identification of gaps between vehicles is critical.

Wilke Reints, managing director of Yunex Traffic in the UK, says the smartmicro MLR accurately detects all road user types, from pedestrians and cyclists to HGVs and buses.

“Operating effectively and accurately in all weather and light conditions, the new smartmicro MLR radar units provide traffic managers and network operators with a flexible and cost-effective detection solution, with the added confidence that the performance of their traffic signal assets and their road network will remain optimised – keeping people and goods on the move in all weather conditions and times of the day,” says Reints.

The smartmicro MLR’s use of forward-firing radar technology offers improved accuracy over older side firing devices. This makes the sensors suitable for existing infrastructure, including traffic signals, with the added benefit that the sensors are easily reconfigured or adjusted in the event of changes to the road layout.

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