IRD awarded traffic data collection contract in New York State


Canadian transport technology provider International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) has announced that it has been awarded a five-year Traffic Data Collection Installation and Maintenance contract by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).

Under the agreement, which is valued at US$7.34m, IRD will install, upgrade, repair, operate, and maintain permanently installed traffic data collection sites located within the state of New York. There are six types of Traffic Data Collection sites covered under this contract, including continuous count (CC), automatic vehicle classification (AVC), weigh-in-motion (WIM), permanent short count (PSC), wireless vehicle detection systems, and shared traffic data collection sites. The NYSDOT uses these sites to collect, summarize, and interpret information about the traffic traveling on the state’s highways system. The data is required to assess transportation needs and infrastructure performance, as well as to develop planning and programming recommendations.

IRD has worked with the NYSDOT on Traffic Monitoring Systems for some time. The company has previously installed four types of Traffic Data Collection sites, including CC, AVC, WIM, and PSC, as well as provided the overall repair and maintenance services for the sites. IRD currently maintains 26 permanent Counting and Classification Data Collection sites for NYSDOT. This is a long-term service and maintenance program with the agency that will provide operational readiness of 95% or better from the Data Collection systems. Phase II of the project, to service and maintain 45 existing Data Collection sites, has been ongoing since contract award. The Performance Based Contracts ensure that a contractor has an obligation to maintain a level of operational readiness to a specified minimum level of performance during the term of the contract.

IRD’s portfolio of vehicle counters and classifiers include accumulators, traffic classifiers, people counters, rack mounted traffic data computers, and radar-based non-intrusive traffic counter/classifiers. The company’s Data Collection Analysis and Reporting Systems provide back-office information to enhance decision making. IRD’s full model range of TRS, RACKTEL, Traffic Ace and RTMS (remote traffic microwave sensor) traffic counters and classifiers can provide:

• Vehicle counts, classification, gap, headway, speed by axle, speed by length;

• Up to eight lanes for vehicle classification;

• Up to 16 lanes of vehicle count;

• WIM sensors, including: Single Load Cell, Bending Plate, Quartz, and Piezo;

• Permanent, portable, non-intrusive axle detection;

• Wheel, axle, and gross vehicle weights, vehicle speeds, and distance between axles classification;

• Analysis by classification, speed, time, or weight;

• Multi-language reports, including FHWA standard reports.

“We are pleased to receive this long-term commitment to provide installation and maintenance services to the State of New York. This agreement complements the award we previously obtained for permanent traffic data collection maintenance and upgrades within New York City and Long Island,” noted Terry Bergan, IRD’s president and CEO. “Contracts such as this add to our recurring revenues, and align with our corporate strategy to pursue growth in our expanding Maintenance and Data Services business.”

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