Numetric releases new generation of safety and design suites for transportation agencies


Traffic safety analytics company Numetric has launched two new product suites to align its offerings with the Roadway Safety Management Process and help public transportation agencies become more efficient, data-driven and focused on saving lives.

Numetric empowers departments of transportation (DOTs) and other public agencies to be more efficient, data-driven, and focused in making their roadways safer via a cloud-based platform of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and data services.

Through expert data preparation, data structuring and data management services, the company enables its customers to combine and analyze traffic data from multiple sources with more clarity and depth than may have been previously available. Numetric’s platform executes time-consuming tasks, such as querying data, building reports, running safety analyses and producing project cost estimates, with great speed and accuracy.

The company’s newest generation of software includes:

• Safety Suite, which empowers transportation agencies to tackle Network Screening, Diagnosis, and Countermeasure Selection with confidence;

• Design Suite, which accelerates Economic Appraisals and Project Prioritization;

• Crash Reports, which is intended to be the industry’s easiest and fastest way to accurately fulfill crash requests, offering more intuitive visualizations, making it easier for DOTs and other public agencies to utilize, understand and act on their traffic data throughout the Roadway Safety Management Process.

Numetric enables its customers to share information, which updates in real time as new data is entered by the state’s agencies, in a way that makes it possible for municipalities, police departments and transportation agencies to baseline and track their progress in meeting their roadway safety goals.

According to Numetric, this launch is the first of many releases that will be aimed at making transportation agencies more effective in turning safety funds into saved lives, at every point of Roadway Safety Management Process, from Network Screening to Safety Effectiveness Evaluation.

“Our new apps offer the insights needed by traffic safety organizations to get answers in minutes, not days or weeks,” said Nate Bower, Numetric’s CEO. “Our goal is to help every traffic safety organization make data-driven decisions when budgeting resources to improve the function and safety of roadways.”

Joseph Weiss, transportation safety analyst at Rutgers University’s Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation, commented, “Numetric has become an invaluable resource. The platform, tailored specifically to our industry, let us take a data-driven approach to making our roadways safer. We can quickly pull these numbers and dive deep enough to get a real picture of what’s taking place on our roadways. The platform helps us not only see the data, but act on it.”

Kevin Bartells, head of the safe corridors unit at the New Jersey State Police, noted, “Numetric has helped me go above and beyond in delivering useful data to police departments, which increases our credibility and trust among stakeholders. I’ve actually been able to tell these police departments, ‘I can get that data, literally, in a couple minutes’. I’ll give them information they’re looking for, plus some. The platform has made it so simple.”

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