Citymapper and Vulog tackle last-mile mobility challenges


Citymapper and Vulog are working together to tackle the last mile challenge through increased accessibility to car-sharing options.

Announced yesterday (Tuesday) at the Move 2020 conference in London, the shared mobility services from Vulog are now incorporated in to Citymapper’s transportation app to provide a full end-to-end Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) to travellers.

The agreement means that users of the app will be informed of local shared electric vehicles, mopeds, and scooters.

Speaking exclusively to Traffic Technology Today, Antoin Guy, VP of Consulting and Strategic Initiatives at Vulog, said, “We have no choice but to change the way we travel in our cities and with our clients our operative is to change the mindset of travellers.

“The objective of our partnership with Citymapper is to ease the access of car-sharing by providing it as an option in their app.

“On our side, our job is to make car-sharing ready, compatible and seamless for the end user and this announcement helps us to do that.”

Vulog expects this initiative to facilitate the continuous growth of their clients’ business by giving Citymapper users in 40 different cities access to their services.

On average, Vulog powers approximately 20 million rides per year in over 30 cities around the globe and is expected to bring its operations to 60 cities by the end of the year.

“We are very proud of this collaboration with Citymapper, a driving force in the MaaS technology revolution,” says Vulog CEO Grégory Ducongé. “Together, we are working to make MaaS a reality, easing the life of urban city dwellers by making mobility enjoyable, accessible and sustainable.”

As a start, the partnership will allow for more than 30 of Vulog’s large-scale projects to be featured on the platform, with fleet sizes as large as 2,000 vehicles in cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Madrid and Washington, DC.

Citymapper president, Omid Ashtari, said, “We know that people are using an increasing variety of mobility options to get from A to B. We aim to be the most comprehensive mobility app in our cities, something we couldn’t achieve without the engagement of shared mobility providers such as Vulog.”

The announcement follows recent Vulog developments with the upgrading of its platform to increase uptake of its car-sharing services.

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