Costain and Monotch announce strategic partnership to improve UK traffic flow and safety


Dutch smart infrastructure specialist Monotch has selected Costain as the UK deployment partner for its Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) services. The two companies hope that the partnership will enable greener, safer, and faster customer journeys on the UK road network.

The two organizations will work together to pilot the Monotch open mobility services platform, TLEX I2V, on the UK road network. TLEX I2V is specially designed to connect roadside equipment to information brokers, automotive industry, road authorities and ultimately road users and is already operational in Holland, Scandinavia, and Belgium.

The platform offers numerous benefits including improving traffic flows and road safety, enabling customers to make real-time decisions about their journeys, reducing carbon emissions and, where necessary, prioritizing road users such as emergency services and means of public transport. By using the platform, road authorities can also implement and analyze traffic policies based on detailed real-time traffic data without implementing expensive roadside communication systems.

TLEX I2V is a scalable system that has been specifically designed to send and receive massive volumes of data with ultra-low latency. It is currently used as the backbone of the Dutch Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) and in European projects such as InterCor, Concorda, NordicWay3 and has been selected for the Mobilidata program in Flanders, Belgium. The platform enables authorities to harness the potential benefits of connected vehicle services and make data-driven decision-making a reality.

Gary Lin, international business developer at Monotch explained that the company has found the perfect deployment partner to make TLEX I2V the first-choice platform for I2V in the UK: “We will share experiences from C-ITS deployments in the Netherlands, Flanders and Scandinavia and can implement them under new specifications and architectural set-ups that are applicable for the UK market. We look forward to working with Costain to implement TLEX in C-ITS and Smart City projects in the UK.”

Andy Clarke, integrated transport director at Costain, added, “We believe that the insights which we have gained deploying innovative digital solutions on the UK road network through collaborative projects such as the award-winning A2M2Connected Digital Roads and Midlands Future Mobility, combined with Monotch’s experiences of operating its TLEX I2V platform in Europe, make for an exciting partnership. Harnessing this technology will help us to deliver a faster and greener road network and we will soon be seeking customers who wish to participate in our pilot trial in 2022.”

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