Nottinghamshire County Council to invest £44m into highways, transport and environment in 2023/24


Nottinghamshire County Council has unveiled plans to invest more than £44m into Nottinghamshire’s highways, transport and environment over the next 12 months.

The plans include improvement schemes, road and path repairs, traffic signal upgrades, drainage schemes and road safety measures. The plans are the second in the council’s three-year Highways Capital and Revenue Programme.

The £44m investment includes:

  • £27m allocated to capital maintenance schemes to improve local roads and other highway assets, including £3m of additional County Council funding towards this work.
  • £4.8m allocated to integrated transport schemes (e.g., pedestrian crossings, capacity improvements, speed management schemes) which includes £0.35m of additional County Council funding for road safety schemes; as well as allocations to fund major transport scheme business cases.
  • £0.5m of County Council revenue funding to deliver the traffic management revenue program development of major infrastructure improvement schemes.
  • £12.3m of funding secured to deliver Southwell Flood Risk Alleviation scheme; active travel programs; Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure funding; and potential bus improvements through the Bus Service Improvement Plan.

Highway maintenance funding is allocated based on detailed surveys of road condition across the county, therefore there will always be differences in the amount of money spent in each district – based on the maintenance required and the length of road in each district.

Councilor Neil Clarke MBE, cabinet member for transport and environment at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “There are more than 300 individual road, footway and drainage schemes planned across the county for the year ahead, as we continue to invest in Nottinghamshire’s highways.

“The capital program will continue to see us focus on long-term repairs to the local road network, footways, and drainage, taking a ‘whole street’ approach where it is prudent to do so.

“Combined with the works delivered by our mechanized patching teams, it means we’ll be able to deliver large-scale surface repairs to a significant number of roads and pavements across Nottinghamshire as part of our continuing plan to improve the county’s roads.”

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