#ITSLisbon2023: Yunex Traffic showcases GoGreen portfolio enabling more sustainable mobility


At this year’s ITS European Congress in Lisbon (May 22-24) Yunex Traffic has showcased its GoGreen Portfolio, which is a suite of smart solutions including intelligent technologies that help cities save energy, promote greener modes of transport, reduce emissions, and clean the air, paving the way for more sustainable mobility.

Responsible for almost 20% of global emissions, the transport sector is a major contributor to the climate crisis. It’s not surprising, given that in Europe most trips are made by car, leading to traffic congestion and air pollution that affect both the environment and human health. Poor air quality, largely caused by vehicle emissions, exceeds WHO limits and causes the premature death of more than four million people annually.

In response to these concerning facts, Yunex Traffic offers a GoGreen Portfolio that can help cities and traffic operators reduce environmental damage and air pollution caused by road traffic, safeguarding the quality of life for future generations.

“As climate change continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly clear that we cannot lose any time to master the transition to more sustainable mobility. That’s why I’m thrilled that we will be introducing our GoGreen portfolio to the industry at the ITS European Congress. It equips cities and transport managers with the tools they need to reduce transport-related emissions. And ultimately to protect our planet,” said Markus Schlitt, CEO of Yunex Traffic, prior to the event.

Saving energy with smart technology

With rising energy prices and climate change on the rise, cities and municipalities are looking for ways to save energy and reduce emissions. Yunex Traffic’s 1W and retrofit technology for traffic lights can do both.

Based on cutting-edge LED technology, traffic signals using these technologies consume up to 80% less energy, reducing both traffic signal energy consumption and costs, as well as CO2 emissions. By combining high visibility with maximum energy efficiency, the technology also makes traffic lights safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

Greener modes of transport

For the shift toward more sustainable mobility to happen, more people need to be motivated to switch from cars to more sustainable modes of transportation. This can be achieved by increasing the comfort of their use so that they are in no way inferior to the car.

Yunex Traffic makes this possible through intelligent technologies that prioritize more sustainable modes of transport, increase their availability, and ensure that they are convenient to use. Digital prioritization systems based on V2X, for example, can reduce public transport travel time by up to 15%, while Yunex Traffic’s intelligent bicycle solution helps cyclists gain up to 7% in travel time.

Cleaning up the air we breathe

With road traffic being responsible for a significant amount of global emissions and posing risks to public health, Yunex Traffic offers a broad range of solutions to reduce traffic-related emissions and improve air quality.

These range from enforcement technologies, that prevent high-emission vehicles from entering congested areas, to environmental traffic management systems that optimize traffic flow reducing high-emission start-and-stop patterns and allow to prioritize environmental considerations in traffic control.

Interactive sessions

During the ITS European Congress Yunex Traffic also informed visitors about funding opportunities and other opportunities for cities arising from the EU Green Deal in interactive sessions that took place at its booth, A16.

Through initiatives like these, Yunex Traffic aims to emphasize that the technology is there, funding is available, and possibilities are being created to make mobility more sustainable. Now it’s time to use them to protect the climate and the planet.

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