Driver monitoring system receives innovation award after preventing 11,000 road accidents in Moscow


Driver sleep warning system Antison has received an award acknowledging it as one of the “most significant innovative and socially-oriented projects in Russia.”

The system received the IT Stars Annual Russian award recognizing it as one of the leading IT developments in Russia. Antison also won the RusBase Digital Award for logistics earlier this year.

Antison scans the faces of drivers, monitors their blinking frequency, and sends the information to dispatch centers. It uses computer vision to identify when drivers are falling asleep, smoking or using their mobile phones. The driver monitoring system has been implemented on 95% of buses in Moscow.

The aim of the system is to improve road safety. According to the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow, last year the number of public surface transport accidents decreased by almost 30% thanks to the system, and it helped prevent more than 11,000 road accidents.

“It is a great pride for us to become the winner of the annual Russian IT Stars award. The driver’s sleep warning system Antison has become one of the best IT developments in the field of social orientation,” said Maksim Liksutov, deputy mayor of Moscow for Transport.

“The non-contact autonomous system monitors the driver’s condition based on artificial intelligence, using machine learning technologies, Edge-computing and the Internet. In addition, the cameras and sensors are safe for drivers and fully comply with the requirements of sanitary legislation,” he added.

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