Yunex Traffic provides 150 RSUs for Colorado DOT’s V2X


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has selected Yunex Traffic to provide 150 of the company’s new signature RSU2X roadside units (RSUs) as part of the CDOT Connected Vehicle (CV) Program’s strategic expansion.

During the initial one-year contract, Yunex will assist CDOT in deploying, configuring and maintaining the RSUs. CDOT’s federal project is one of the largest single deployments of RSU2X roadside units to date. The contract includes an option to purchase additional roadside units in additional years.

CDOT, which deployed its first connected vehicles technology in 2016, was awarded a federal BUILD grant to install roadside units along more than 400 miles of interstate corridors, and this deployment will allow the agency to collect and transmit safety and traveller messages to connected vehicles state-wide.

The RSU2X will integrate seamlessly with CDOT’s internally developed Connected Vehicle Ecosystem that was developed from the USDOT’s Intelligent Transportation System’s Operational Data Environment (ODE). CDOT’s CV data ecosystem is integrated with other critical tools in the CDOT operations, ensuring interoperability and access of Colorado’s safety critical CV data.

Colorado was one of the first states to pioneer cellular-to-everything technology (C-V2X) data communication between vehicles and infrastructure. While the RSU2X is capable of both dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and cellular data communications, the Yunex supplied roadside units will operate using Colorado’s C-V2X infrastructure.

Yunex Traffic will also provide staff training and configuration and installation assistance to align with CDOT’s CV security protocols. The project work also includes testing and maintenance, and the RSU2Xs will come with software capable of signal prioritization for a range of vehicles including buses, snowplows, fire trucks and ambulances.

“At Yunex, we’re expanding our collaborations all over North America, and we’re thrilled to partner with such an innovative agency,” says Rodney Mathis, president and managing director of Yunex Traffic USA. “As the largest roadside unit manufacturer in the world, it’s exciting to work with the Colorado Department of Transportation on one of the largest CV technology deployments to date in the United States.”

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