Otonomo using Avis Budget Group connected car data to create smart city applications


Global vehicle rental company Avis Budget Group (ABG) has formed a partnership with leading automotive data services platform Otonomo to unlock new avenues for value creation from the data generated by its connected fleet, including smart city and traffic planning.

The ABG fleet will cover an estimated 4 billion road miles (6bn km) this year and is anticipated to generate over 7 billion road miles (11.4bn km) of data with its fully connected fleet in 2020. Otonomo’s Automotive Data Services Platform will help ABG gain new and actionable insights from its connected cars, which span a diverse range of makes, models and telematics technologies. By reshaping this disparate connected car data for new users, Avis will gain insights to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The Otonomo Platform also provides ABG with new opportunities for collaboration with cities and other partners that benefit its customers and the general public.

With the help of Otonomo, Avis will explore additional ‘data for good’ opportunities that can make smart cities smarter, roads safer, traffic flow and parking more efficient, and driving more enjoyable. Connected car data from ABG has been added to Otonomo’s Automotive Data Services Platform, which already fuels a network of 15 OEMs and more than 100 service providers. The neutral platform securely ingests more than 2 billion data points per day from over 18 million global connected vehicles, then reshapes and enriches it, to accelerate time to market for new services, and analytics from 196 billion miles of real-world driving a year.

The additional data from the ABG fleet could significantly improve several smart city applications, including:

  • Traffic Management – Identify traffic flows, road hazard identification and congestion through urban environments and highways to adjust streetlights and issue safety alerts;
  • Municipal Planning – Create long-term infrastructure and transportation plans and help reduce emissions based on real, comprehensive and accurate vehicle data;
  • Driver Safety – Identify safety hazards and equip drivers with essential information and safety alerts to keep them safe. Use information to actively manage hazards on time, aiding accident prediction and prevention;
  • Mapping Services – Keep critical road information updated;
  • Parking – Use car data to make parking faster and easier;
  • Research & Analysis – Use rich data captured directly from vehicles to analyze and gain insights about locations, car model classes and their destinations, and other applications.

“By partnering with Otonomo, we can better utilize the data captured by our connected vehicles,” said Arthur Orduna, chief innovation officer at ABG. “The Otonomo Platform also allows us to safely and securely engage with new public and commercial partners, and together, make an impact on what the future of mobility looks like for consumers, communities and companies alike.”

Ben Volkow, CEO and founder of Otonomo, commented, “We are a pioneer in transforming car data into valuable insights, and we’re excited at the opportunity to realize our vision in partnership with Avis Budget Group. Their global scale, along with their fleet management expertise, offers many new possibilities to realize value from connected car data from fleet-wide predictive maintenance and streamline rental car returns, to smart cities and beyond.”

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