Connected vehicle data to improve driving in Nevada


Wejo, a UK technology company that is developing global mobility services through connected vehicle (CV) data has formed a partnership with Waycare, a smart mobility cloud-based traffic management firm operating in the USA and Israel, to work on a project in Nevada.

In the new long-term partnership, Waycare will use Wejo’s connected car data for more accurate traffic management solutions, with the integrated service to be implemented into an existing program in Nevada, eventually expanding on to further states. Waycare software is currently used by several Nevada transportation and safety management agencies to identify and respond to incidents quicker, providing data-driven insights to help them take proactive measures to improve traffic safety. The Waycare information is currently being used by:

  • The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTCSN);
  • Freeway & Arterial System of Transportation (FAST);
  • Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP);
  • Nevada Department of Transportation’s (NDOT) Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) and Maintenance Division.

Wejo is aiming to create the world’s leading vehicle and mobility marketplace, with the most comprehensive and trusted data, information and intelligence. Since its founding in 2014, the company has been developing its ADEPT cloud-based connected vehicle (CV) data exchange platform that allows the sharing and access to information from over 7 million vehicles, with over 78 billion miles of data curated. Wejo is General Motors preferred partner for the distribution of CV data and insights in the USA, with the aim of enabling safer, smarter, and more sustainable journeys for all users.

Waycare is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that uses vast amounts of data from both internal and external sources on the roads and around the ecosystem. The Waycare platform harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to synthesize all data sets and provide actionable insights to improve traffic and safety management operations. The system predicts locations where dangerous incidents are likely to occur, empowering municipalities to better-informed, proactive decisions, while also enabling them to take full control of their roads and directly communicate with all vehicles throughouttheir transportation networks.

Having been curated, transformed and normalized, Wejo’s data will supplement Waycare’s existing traffic data sources, providing agencies with a comprehensive overview of conditions on the roads. The integration allows the Waycare platform to more accurately detect and predict incidents and determine risk on roadways.

“Almost all drivers in highly populated areas experience a great deal of traffic congestion, delayed journeys, and an increased risk of accidents,” said Wejo’s chief executive, Richard Barlow, “We are working together with Waycare to reduce these delays and improve road safety.”

Waycare’s CIO, Shai Suzan, said, “The dynamic nature of the urban environment requires that agencies become more proactive about the conditions on their roads. We are thrilled to support cities around the USA by providing a solution that has already demonstrated an improvement in congestion and road safety in Nevada.”

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