Commsignia provides V2X traffic light connectivity for Perrone Robotics AVs


Commsignia is partnering with autonomous vehicle (AV) company Perrone Robotics to provide Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication systems for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority in Florida, USA.

Perrone Robotics has deployed its patented TONY (TO Navigate You) AV retrofit kit in vehicles with an integrated Commsignia OB4 V2X On-Board Unit. The Commsignia OB4 unit allows the Perrone Robotics Traffic Light Detection module to keep vehicles in autonomous mode while passing through signalized intersections.

The V2X unit also allows Perrone Robotics’ patented AV operating system “MAX” to utilize the V2X messages as a redundant safety check on other visual based sensors.

Perrone’s V2X-enabled autonomy kit can be installed on various passenger or cargo transportation vehicles, ranging from small 2-passenger vehicles to 40-foot buses, and they have currently integrated their kit into over 30 different types of vehicles.

“Communication between autonomous vehicles and the infrastructure is essential for efficient driverless operation,” said Laszlo Virag, CEO of Commsignia. “Using an external viewpoint provided by the transport infrastructure significantly improves the contextual awareness of self-driving vehicles. V2X provides accurate data in situations where the vehicle’s on-board sensors may have difficulty sensing the environment, allowing vehicles a continuous self-driving operation on the most complex road sections, at intersections.”

“The Commsignia hardware is an added benefit that can allow our customers to expand their areas of operation and shorten their paths to fully driverless operation safely and reliably,” added Nicholas Pilipowskyj of Perrone Robotics. “By providing a hardware system that both supports DSRC and C-V2X, Commsignia allows us to seamlessly update our customers software as the infrastructure continues to evolve. Perrone Robotics is excited to have a forward-thinking partner in the V2X space that can adapt to different environments and work with us to make autonomy safer and more accessible to all.”

Lead image: Downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Adobe Stock.

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