RoadBotics to give first five mile of road assessments for free


RoadBotics, the smartphone-based roadway-condition monitoring system, is offering communities the opportunity to receive the first five miles of their road assessments free for a limited time. This promotion will give first-time users unique access to a personalised RoadWay demo containing five miles of their own road network.

The RoadBotics system operates in a low cost way, when compared to other forms of roadway asset management such as lidar scanning. Data is collected using a windshield mounted smartphone running the RoadBotics data collection app. Once the video data-collection is finished, data is uploaded the cloud for AI analysis.
The results of the analysis are presented on RoadWay, an interactive online platform where users can view, assess, and manage road network conditions, including common pavement distresses like potholes and alligator cracking. A big benefit of a RoadBotics road assessment is, because the results are cloud-based, users can access RoadWay from a laptop at their desk or their smartphone out in the field.

Now, in the new free trial users will gain access to a vivid colour-coded map with images and conditional ratings for every 10 feet of their road, in addition to all of RoadWay’s helpful tools and features to enhance their experience. This granular perspective enables users to develop data-driven pavement planning and maintenance strategies.

“For smaller municipalities, receiving their First 5 Miles Free is a chance for them to see not only the benefits of an objective assessment for their community, but also be able to try before they buy the platform,” explains Matt Lucas, RoadBotics’ head of product.

RoadBotics completed automated road assessments for over 200 communities around the world, from small boroughs to large metropolitan cities. Across municipalities of every size, a RoadBotics assessment is more efficient and economical when compared to manual or van-based options.

“If we can get a cost effective program like RoadWay that saves us the time and legwork,” explains a township engineer of Shaler Township, PA, “Our time can be better spent by analyzing what’s given to us by RoadBotics and using that to plan a more efficient paving program.”

Communities can get their First 5 Miles Free by visiting the RoadBotics website

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