Waycare to trial its predictive traffic software in Las Vegas


The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) has announced a pilot program that for the first time in the USA will use Waycare’s predictive analytics platform for smart cities to help prevent traffic crashes and congestion.

Waycare’s proprietary technology that is being trialled by RTC predicts traffic crashes and related congestion before they occur, helping to prevent them altogether, and enabling first responders to better allocate their resources.

The Waycare platform integrates historical data with real-time data, such as traffic light timing, major events, weather conditions, vehicle location, speeds, counts and occupancies. The resulting information helps identify, for the first time, dangerous driving conditions on the road, well before an incident occurs. Cities currently rely on their own infrastructure, such as sensors, cameras and other devices, to track and manage traffic systems, primarily in response to incidents.

Waycare’s predictive analytics enables local first responders and traffic management centers (TMCs) to more efficiently deploy resources to patrol problem areas to calm traffic, in the hope of preventing traffic crashes altogether.

The RTC and Waycare are collaborating with Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) and Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) to use the Israeli startup’s predictive insights to strategically deploy highway patrol and roadside service units. The RTC’s traffic management center will use the predictive platform to optimize traffic flow through the two designated pilot corridors in Las Vegas: US 95 West of I-15, and I-15 South of Charleston Boulevard.

“Real-time data is an unutilized asset that, with the introduction of predictive analytics, will enable cities to save lives on the road and optimize traffic management,” said Waycare’s CEO, Noam Maital. “To illustrate that point, we can collect 200 times more data than the data generated by all road sensors in Las Vegas today. Our pilot program in Southern Nevada is yet another testament that it is truly one of the most innovative regions in the USA.”

RTC general manager Tina Quigley commented, “We are excited to be working with Waycare and our partners at NDOT and NHP to further our ongoing efforts to utilize data to improve our regional traffic management system. These types of advanced technologies represent the future of transportation, and the future is now in Southern Nevada.”

NDOT director Rudy Malfabon added, “The information we get from Waycare will enable us to use our resources, including the Freeway Service Patrol, in a more efficient and strategic manner.”

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