TransCore integrates its TransSuite traffic management platform in Ecuador’s largest city


One of the USA’s leading suppliers of tolling and traffic management technologies, TransCore, has deployed its TransSuite software platform in Ecuador’s largest city, in order to improve the coordination of multiple existing traffic management systems.

In February, the Municipal Transit Authority of the City of Guayaquil selected TransCore to integrate its TransSuite traffic management platform with the city’s existing traffic signal controllers to facilitate coordination of 700 intersections. TransCore is part of a team that includes the company’s South American partner, SIC TransCore, and Alcolisti, an Ecuadorian company that is leading the project.

Phase 1 of the project created an integrated system to work with controllers from multiple different manufacturers, as well as the city’s SCATS-based (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) adaptive traffic management system. It also included a pilot implementation of an RFID-based (radio frequency identification) bus priority system using state-of-the-art TransCore readers and tags. In Phase 2, TransCore will coordinate the integration of additional controllers, CCTV, and Bluetooth readers for travel time calculations into the TransSuite platform.

An integrated family of transportation management software products, TransSuite is designed to meet a variety of traffic management needs within a single platform. TransSuite provides field-proven solutions for all ITS devices, including traffic signal controllers, freeway management data collection, ramp metering, dynamic message signs (DMS), CCTV controls and display management, incident management and response, and center-to-center interfaces.

Transportation agencies can select from a portfolio of software modules to create customized, standards-based solutions, providing real-time traveler information, and the ability to respond to roadway incidents as they happen. The platform’s flexible, yet robust, high-resolution maps and graphics display tools offer an easy-to-use environment to enable a more coordinated response to both planned and unplanned events.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, and a pioneer in the development of RFID systems used in the transportation industry, TransCore has deployed some of the most complex intelligent transportation systems (ITS) throughout the USA and internationally, including the world’s largest traffic control system in New York City, and advanced traffic management systems in Washington DC, and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company is currently leading the initial design of the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program for the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT). TransCore also installs and operates award-winning tolling systems and customer service centers for departments of transportation and road operators around the world.


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