Moonshadow Mobile and Inrix partnership adds origin-destination data to analytics platform


Oregon-based developer of database software technology moving objects Moonshadow Mobile has formed a partnership with transportation analytics and connected car services provider Inrix.

The partnership will see Inrix’s Trips Reports incorporated into Moonshadow’s DB4IoT platform. The DB4IoT database engine has been purpose-built to deliver analytics and geospatial visualization for the Internet of Moving Things. The system offers transportation agencies an intuitive, cloud-based origin-destination analytics platform for understanding the trips that consumers and fleets make over time on maps, charts, graphs and animations. According to Moonshadow, by using its DB4IoT platform, transportation agencies will no longer need to conduct expensive, manual studies or rely on pre-configured tools to understand the trips that people make along the roadways under their jurisdiction.

The DB4IoT platform with the recently added Inrix Trips data feed allows users to easily and accurately visualize and study travel patterns over time. It also provides access to hundreds of millions of actual observed trip records, enabling planners to understand the data behind the visualizations and detect anomalies that impact roadway analysis. Using DB4IoT, planners can also filter and download anonymized trip records for offline analysis using an intuitive point-and-click, map-based user interface.

The highly precise Inrix Trips origin-destination data provides the most complete view of actual observed trips drivers take, including anonymized starts and ends of their journeys and the waypoints in between. Trips insight is derived from industry-leading geospatial data processing, which enables new understanding of population movement information such as origin and destination zones, diversion routes during peak time and incidents, corridor usage and more. The DB4IoT platform with Inrix Trips data is now available in the USA, Canada and Europe, and is also being demonstrated at the ITS America Annual Meeting and Expo that is currently (June 4-7) taking place in Detroit, Michigan.

“DB4IoT with Inrix Trips transforms and optimizes operations for departments of transport (DOTs) and public transit agencies, informs short- and long-term transportation planning and engineering efforts, and unleashes the potential of connected vehicle data,” said Eimar Boesjes, Moonshadow Mobile’s CEO. “The addition of Inrix Trips data to our DB4IoT platform will shed light on existing infrastructure usage, pinpoint challenges and provide insights to improve new transit projects.”

Ted Trepanier, senior director for the public sector at Inrix, added, “We’re always looking for innovative tools that help customers visualize and utilize our data. Combining our Trips information with DB4IoT allows transportation agencies to turn highly precise origin-destination data into instant insight via the cloud.”

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